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15th September Drapers Mill Football Festival

The new schools football season kicked off on Friday and Holy Trinity made a brilliant start.  Entering 2 teams consisting of a mix of year 5 and 6’s, Mr Hood’s team began with wins against Drapers 1-0 and then Northdown, 5-0! Mr Head’s team started with a narrow defeat to Salmestone followed by an excellent 2-0 win versus Drapers.  The teams met in game 3 with the match being played in a very sporting fashion, the final score 2-0 to Mr Hoods team!  Salmestone went on to complete a clean sweep and Mr Heads team drew 0-0 against Northdown in the final fixture.  Well done to both teams for playing fantastically well!


Mr Hood’s Team:                                                                                               Mr Head’s Team:

Vinnie                                                                                                                     Milosz

Dominik                                                                                                                 Rhys

Oliver                                                                                                                      Hubert

Kent                                                                                                                        Hiwad

Mason                                                                                                                    Blayke

Kodie                                                                                                                      Jaydon

Regan                                                                                                                     Jay