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We are going to start from this term because lots of things have changed.

We are really lucky to have a permanent teacher called wonderful Miss Willis.

Here's what we have made for Remembrance day.


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We have started a new book called the Matchbox Diary. It's a  story  about a great- grandfather who is showing his great-grand daughter his Matchbox Diaries. The olive stone because when he was little, he was hungry and they didn't have enough food to eat, so he sucked on an olive stone.

Our second box was a picture of his father because his father moved to America to get a better job.  Our third box is a pen because the school masters son would get one every year. The forth one was some pasta because the grandma said that they would go to  America and forget everything, so he kept in his matchbox diaries. Then, the fifth one is a bottle cap because  when he travelled ,it

was his first time he saw drinks in a bottle. The sixth one was a hair pin because he found it on the floor from a rich lady from the other deck. Finally, the last one was a 'Saint Christopher necklace' because there was a storm and lots of people where throwing it into the sea so that it could save them.



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For Christmas, we made a Christmas tree. It's related to the 'Little Christmas tree' story. We decorated it with Christian and Christmas ball balls and paper chains.
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Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Welcome to Kestrel class 2018-2019

We are lucky to have the extraordinary Mr Taylor as our new teacher.

We are really looking forward to year 5. We have already started looking at George's Marvellous Medicine. We've also tried to recreate Quentin Blake's style of drawing. (Pictures to follow)