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This is our new experience

Everyone has had a great start to the year. ( Including the teachers ) it was really nerve-wracking starting year 5, but we have survived... For now!!!

Children in Need...The hunt for the round pound is ON!

Children in Need...The hunt for the round pound is ON! 1

Term 1

This term we have been looking at the book George's Marvellous Medicine  by Roald Dahl. In English we have been doing various activities for example: poetry, letters, diary entry, speech bubbles and advert.

Here is an example of our poems:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

In Science, we have been learning about changing states and, if that state is reversible or irreversible. For example: water to ice is reversible but bread to toast is irreversible. We have also been looking at whether an item is solid, liquid or gas and their properties. As well as that we have been conducting experiments on filtering in order to separate a solid from a liquid. We found out that salt does dissolve in water but you can recover the salt by boiling the water. Sand does not dissolve in water- pretty handy as we live by the beach! We will be investigating further next term.


Our focus this term has been on place value up to 7 or 8 digit numbers. Understanding is really important as it helps with all aspects of Maths. After that we moved onto Roman numerals (confusing). Did you know the Romans did not have a letter for zero? 

Designing Roman numeral posters was fun. We had to include calculations in both normal numbers and Roman. That was a little tricky.

In this term, we have also tackled addition, subtraction and rounding. 


French has been a lot of fun this year; learning greetings and numbers. 


We have really enjoyed Art this term. Based on the illustrations of Quentin Blake, we have created pictures from George's Marvellous Medicine. First, we just used black and then after drawing another picture we painted them using water colours.


The subject for this term has been Great Britain. Finding major cities etc. has proved quite tricky, but it has been great learning about our country.

Much has happened this term- the Japenese came to teach have to write in Japaneese. They also taught us a little origami. One Friday afternoon our parents came into class for shared learning. We showed them how to draw in the style of Quentin Blake.

We also read a second book, The Midnight Fox by Betty Byars. We took part in a debate and wrote a monologue. 

This term has been incredibly busy, really tiring but thanks to Mr Smith and Mrs Rowden great fun. (We have learnt lots too!)