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Knitting Club

Welcome to the wonderful and creative world of knitting!

We meet after school on a Wednesday.

On our last day, the children became very creative with their colours. Well done everyone for trying different things. 


The children have learnt loads and will go on to knit beautiful things. We hope to see you next year for more knitting fun.

Thank you so much to Mrs Lambert and Mrs Mason for all their help with the club. The children were well cared for and supported with all the adults around them.


Now have a look at what we did today: 

Picture 1 Look at me knitting with 3 colours!
Picture 2 We're having fun in 2 colours!
Picture 3 3 for me. I'm very focused.
Picture 4 Another bag for Sophie. Very fancy!
Picture 5 I love using 2 balls of wool and big needles.
Picture 6 Iman's beautiful work.
Picture 7 Lots of concentration.
Picture 8 Knitting and chatting.
Picture 9 Knitting for our toys.
More creations from our amazing and talented designers.
Picture 1 Patricjia is learning to purl.
Picture 2 Chloe is mastering stocking stitch.
Picture 3 Kamila&Mrs Lambert dressed these dolls beautifully
Picture 4 That has to be the longest piece we've had!
Look at all the amazing things we've been making! Such talent all around!
Picture 1 Look at Mrs Lambert's puppets.
Picture 2 Queen Daisy
Picture 3 And her King.
Picture 4 Barbies in their bathing costumes.
Picture 5 Rhianna knitted a fancy cardigan for her doll.
Picture 6 The front.
Picture 7 The back.
Picture 8 Sophie's work is amazing.
Picture 9 3 beautifully dressed sisters.
Picture 10 Look at the bag I knitted.
Picture 11 How fancy is that?

We are slowly coming to the end of our club. Some of us started last year and didn't know how to knit. Look how far we've come. We can knit and purl and we started making clothes for Barbies.

Today we took a few photos of some of the clothes we made for the dolls Mrs Mason brought in. What do you think? We are very proud of ourselves!

Picture 1 A top and a skirt. Tasnim is our budding designer.
Picture 2 Look at my lovely dress!
Picture 3 A doll perfectly dressed.
Picture 4 Look, she even has shoes.
Picture 5 I'll be nice and warm with this lovely cowl.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Great concentration!

Still image for this video

Being sociable as well as learning a new skill.

Still image for this video

Delicate, dainty knitting!

Still image for this video

How many stitches have I done?

Still image for this video

Cast off or unravel, that's the problem!

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