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Welcome to Nightingale Class 2017-2018

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On Wednesday we went to St Johns Church to see the Christmas trees for the Christmas tree festival. We walked around the church and looked at the different tress people had entered into the competition.  We had to choose as a class our 3 best trees. Have a look at our pictures. See if you can spot the tree we made as a class! We were biased and thought our tree was the best! Unfortunately we couldn't choose our own tree!


Thank you to all the parents who joined us at the Church. It was lovely to see you all there!

Roman Museum 


Today we went to the Roman Museum and The Beaney Art Centre in Canterbury. We looked at the different weapons that the Romans used and made some replica Roman coins. In the Roman Museum we split into 2 groups looked at different Artefacts and spent time looking around the museum. We had lots of fun. Here are some pictures from our day out. 

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Creating circuits 


Our topic for science this term is electricity. We have had the opportunity to create a variety of different circuits. We have used  light bulbs, batteries, switches and crocodile clips to make a series circuit that works. We have been also discussing the dangers of electricity and how electricity can be harmful to us as children. Here are some pictures from our science lesson where we made circuits using a switch!


Anti Bullying Week


This week we have had a focus on anti bullying. We have learnt lots about how to be a good friend and what to do if we are being bullied. We have looked at anti bullying in our classes and as a whole school in assembly. We understand what the word bullying means and why it is important to be a good friend. On Friday we made a friendship wreath about what makes a nice friend. We have this wreath in our classroom to remind us how to be a good friend. 

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Term 2 

Roman Projects

Since starting Year 4 in September our topic has been The Romans. We have learnt lots about how the Romans lived and what they did in their spare time. We have looked into their art work and created our own mosaics. Please have a look at our projects that we did at home. We spent a lot of time preparing these and our teacher was really pleased with the effort that had gone into the projects!
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Children in Need...The hunt for the round pound is ON!

Children in Need...The hunt for the round pound is ON! 1

Mosaic Day


As part of our topic of The Romans we had a day were we designed and created our own mosaics. We looked at the mosaics outside of the school designed by Martin Cheek and noted down our observations. Take a look at our wonderful mosaics below. We had lots of fun making these!

Oliver and the Seawigs drama activity


During our English lesson today we took part in role play to experience how Iris would be feeling. We decided as a class that she would be worried and anxious about being taken to the singing rocks to sing in the choir. Below are some pictures showing us in our groups!

String Telephones 

Today in science we made string telephones. We were investigating and learning about how sound changes over distance. Making the string telephones was a  bit tricky to start with but we used our skills of growth mindset to help us be resilient and not give up. As you can see from our pictures we all had fun and learnt a lot about sound. 

Japanese Visitors 

Today we were all very lucky as we had some Japanese students visit our class. They taught us Origami. We had lots of fun and made a variety of different paper items. You can see from our pictures that we really enjoyed ourselves!