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Term 1

​​​​​​This term our Power of Reading book has been 'Orion and the Dark'. We have loved learning about Orion and all his fears, but also learning about how fun The Dark can be too.

In pairs we acted out what it would be like to be Orion when he first meets The Dark and thought about what they would say to one another.

In English we have also been reading 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' and learning all about Lighthouses.

We were able to visit the North Foreland lighthouse and learn all about being lighthouse keepers for a day too. We had fantastic time! The children were all really excited and thoroughly enjoyed learning about being a Lighthouse keeper and how the lighthouse worked. We found out that the lighthouse was there because of the Goodwin Sands and that it was the first in the country to be powered by electricity. We also learnt that it is one of only a few flashing lighthouses around. On the day we were also given the opportunity to try out being a lighthouse keeper, by washing windows, winding up the weights that turned the light and testing out the speaking tube. At the end of the day the children were given an honorary assistant lighthouse keeper certificate. 

We made our own lighthouses in class and built circuits to make them work.
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After visiting the Lighthouse we drew some beautiful pictures using different mediums.
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Term 2

Remembrance Day 2018


As this year was the 100 year Anniversary since the end of World War 1, we decided to commemorate the ocassion and learn all about the importance of Armistice Day.

We visited the Cliftonville war memorial to look at all the names of the people who had died at war and to think about why it is important to remember them. We watched the Cbeebies film about the poppies, and a video about Lady Hague's poppy appeal to help us to understand.


We decided to create our own beautiful poppies out of plastic bottle bottoms and put them together in a class wreath. We also painted some fantastic poppy pictures using water colours to help us remember and commemorate the occasion.

This term we have been learning all about diaries and The Great Fire of London. We started by reading our Power of Reading book 'Diary of a Killer Cat'. The children found the book really funny and enjoyed finding out about naughty Tuffy's adventures.

As part of our learning we had a talk on Fire safety delivered by Margate Fire service, who came to tach us all about what to do in a fire and how to keep safe. We were able to  fire water from the hoses to see how far they reached and how powerful they are. We especially loved looking around the fire engine and decided to create some art work.
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We also had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the Tudor House, in Margate, to support our continued learning about the Great Fire of London. It was very wet and cold, but the children were fantastic. When we got there we had the chance to look around the outside of the house to look at the materials it had been made of. We noticed the wooden beams and wattle and daub walls, instead of bricks, and the fact that the house was bigger upstairs than downstairs.  We learnt that unlike the houses in London the Tudor house in Margate has a tiled roof instead of a thatched one, as the people that owned it would have been quite wealthy. We found that having only a fire for warmth, Tudor Houses were built with small windows and doors to keep as much heat in as possible. We were given the opportunity to look around the house on the inside and the children were fascinated with the differences between the The Tudor House and modern houses, particularly the spiral staircase and rope handrail! The children were also excited to learn that at some point King William III had stayed in the Tudor House. Our favourite part of the visit was learning all about Tudor clothing and getting to try on different hats! 

 Continuing with our learning about The Great Fire of London and how it started in a Bakery we decided to see what being a baker was really like, by visiting Gina's Old Kent Bakery in the Old Kent Market. We were able to observe Gina making some Chelsea Buns and cinnamon whirls in the bakery, before she showed us where she put them in a cupboard full of steam to prove.  We were able to see the difference between the ones she just put in and the ones that had already risen and we got to smell the lovely fresh bread baking in the huge ovens. In small groups Gina was able to show us the large industrial mixers she now uses and the other kitchen equipment needed. Finally we were able to purchase some bread to take back to school and taste. We chose a granary loaf, a sour dough loaf and some Bath Buns to try. We were all really surprised by the different tastes and how each of us liked something different, but we all really enjoyed trying new things. 

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As part of our special D.T and Science days this term we were given the opportunity to work with some people from Pfizers to make our own bath bombs to sell at the school Christmas Fair. We really enjoyed designing and making the bath bombs, as well as wrapping them to make beautiful gifts.
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