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Term 1 Awards

Well done to the following pupils who won the Term 1 Sports Personality awards! All the winners were very much deserved and have set a high standard for the remainder of the year! See photos below!


YEAR 1: Jacob (Hedgehogs) and Lacie (Badgers)

YEAR 2: Artur  (Otters) and Leyla (Fox)

YEAR 3: Daniel  (Sparrows) and Tommy  (Robins)

YEAR 4: Angel  (Kingfishers) and Jaydon 

YEAR 5: Loui (Kestrel) and Kamilla (Ospreys)

YEAR 6: Kyle (Hawkes) and Archie (Red Kites)          

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Picture 3
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Picture 5
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Picture 1
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