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Year 3 - Class 7, Mercury

Mercury Class Assembly - Part 1

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Part 1 - Parts of a Plant

Mercury Class Assembly - Part 2

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Part 2 - Photosynthesis Song

Mercury Class Assembly - Part 3

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Mercury Class Assembly - Part 4

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Part 4 - Lucy and the Giant Jungle Tree Trunk (Part 1)

Mercury Class Assembly - Pt.5

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Part 5 - Lucy and the Giant Jungle Tree Trunk (Part 2)

Mercury Class Assembly - 11.06.15 at 9:00

Mercury Class Assembly - 11.06.15 at 9:00 1

Weeks Review


FANTASTIC...Mercury class won the attendance award again this week! That means we have now taken the lead for the most attendance awards in the whole school!  If we keep up this amazing record we will win the free school trip - Well done Mercury! 


Spot Rocky the attendance mascot!







For FANTASTIC  effort and work across all subjects


Laney Vidgen

For super effort and lovely work in Maths and English






Budding Artist Alert!

Remember the art competition that we entered as a class? We looked at the art of Jeremy Deller who used imagination and alternative size perception to paint amazing pictures.  Using this as inspiration we came up with some SUPERB paintings of our own.  Leon and Dominik had their pictures chosen to enter the finals of the competition.


Leon's picture shows a young boy riding upon a T-Rex!



Dominik's painting details a Giant Snake slithering through a town! (Not Margate I hope!)



Congratulations to this weeks High Flyers:





Another BIG well done to this young man who stormed to victory in our weekly interactive test of the weeks work:





Another celebration of fantastic work was for Victoria.  Victoria wrote a whole book during the half term and we had the pleasure to read it to the class...I think we have a budding author on our hands! 

Well done Victoria :) 



Victorian Day!


In the last week of term 5 we experienced school life as if it was in the Victorian era.  We had lot's of fun and saw some amazing outfits...Some of you made such an effort and you looked fantastic - Well done!  We had a tour all over the school and lad lessons just like they did, way back when.  We did some art, needlework, discipline, handwriting and even had a go an a maypole! 

Have a look at some of the fabulous outfits below:



Picture 1 James looking FANTASTIC!
Picture 2 Mrs Barnes and James taking a 'selfie'
Picture 3 Mr Gillies rocking out - Victorian style!
Picture 4 How fantastic does Mercury class look?!
Picture 6 James and Mason with their sewing.

Week Summary

(11.05.15     to     15.05.2015)


Brief update of last week!  Our attendance was back up to above 97%  We actually managed 98% which is brilliant!  :) 
Mr Gillies did another electronic quiz at the end of the week to test our knowledge of the subject material we have covered...and we got to use the iPads! 

Well done to the following (Who's names may have been auto-corrected on the iPad's...Much to Mr Gillies' amusement!)


Mason (from Bristol) - THE WINNER!

Victoria (CossonS)

Jacky Maynard

Lauren My Bride (McBride!)

Darcy Jones


Well done for being in the top 5 and I hope you enjoyed the treats!




Happy Birthday to our very own Rachel and Spencer !


High Flyers of the week are:



Both for writing AMAZING stories and reading them out to the whole class!!! WELL DONE :) 



And a final well done to Faye for winning Hotshot of the week!





Week Review

(04.05.2015 - 08.05.2015)


Unfortunately we did not achieve the minimum requirement of 97% for attendance this week, meaning that we do not receive an attendance certificate or a sticker in the competition to win the free extra trip at the end of term.  Lets give it our best shot this week to get back on track and back to winning ways!


Our topic for this term is GREEN PLANTS.  2 weeks ago we each planted our own bean seeds as an experiment.  Last week we had at look to see if our seeds had made any progress...however we could only see the compost in our pots - nothing else.  On Friday we had another look at our plants.  Look at the difference!




We were rather shocked how much they had grown and very impressed!


High Flyers of the Week:  Congratulations to...




Laney Vidgen


Kent Driscoll




In other exciting news, we are entering a competition to have some art work to be on display at the QEQM hospital!  We will be against all of the other students in our school, so the competition is hot; but fingers crossed!  The theme was Margate.  The quality of some of the drawing was superb and they have been put forward to be judged.  Here is Rachel's drawing :)




Week review

(27.04.2015 to 01.05.2015)


Another busy week last week. In Maths we were learning about Division and using number lines.  In English we have been looking at Jack and the Beanstalk and we are beginning to create our own stories using this as a framework.  In Science we are looking at Green Plants.  We have two experiments on the go at the moment that we are keeping close eyes on... the results will be posted here so keep those eyes peeled!

This week we are going to continue with our Stories in English and green plants in Science.  Maths will be focused on position, direction and shape.  We are also planning on starting some computer programming :) 


Unfortunately we were unable to match last weeks awesome 100% attendance, however we still managed to scrape in just above the 97% target with 97.2%.  Although disappointed not to get another non-school uniform day we were ecstatic to gain another sticker towards the free trip at the end of the year (whoever gains the most 97+% stickers - on a weekly basis)



The High Flyers this week were...



For always trying super hard and being helpful and polite in class 





For FANTASTIC work dividing in Maths



But wait...There's more!


​Hotshot of the week goes to:








What a first week back!

20.04.15 - 24.04.15


First of all I think Mercury Class deserve a big CONGRATULATIONS for such a fantastic first week back after the Easter half term break.  It is a rare thing that attendance should be so good after a holiday, however we have managed ago achieve 100% attendance for the week! 


What a fantastic result! and because we reached the 'golden 100%' we get a free non-school-uniform day! WOOO!  Here is a picture with Rocky - the attendance mascot and our certificate: 



Not only was our attendance superb, we also won the playground award for behaviour when lining up to go back into class :) Here is our certificate and trophy for that as well! 


Well done to the following two pupils for being this weeks High Flyers:



For FANTASTIC effort in all subjects



For BRILLIANT use of grid method to solve multiplication calculations in Maths.





Picture 1



Today we had a bit of a surprise after lunch.  Mr Gillies looked a little flustered when he collected us from the playground, and said that something terrible had happened in our class room - but he wasn't sure exactly what what it was that had happened.  We lined up outside of the classroom so that Mr Gillies could quickly go in and check that it was safe to enter.


Something terrible had indeed happened! We were confronted with this...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

 There had been a MURDER!


We split up into our CSI UNITS to try and solve the case.  Across 4 work stations we had:






All CSI Units work really well together and came up with some fantastic results.  Piece by piece we collated the evidence and reconstructed the mutilated plants, levelling the evidence as is was collected.  This evidence was presented to the class by the Captain of each CSI Unit.  There was much discussion about what all of the parts did, and whether the plants were once living things.  After viewing some video evidence, it was clear that the plants had been living! and we learnt more about the functions of each part of the plants.


The pictures below show the CSI Units hard at work.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Working to Mr Gillies' favorite cop show theme tune! (The Professionals!)

Still image for this video
Picture 1

Last term we looked at Stonehenge.  After learning all about it, we made our own models of it...

Check out the pictures below:



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25
Picture 26
Picture 27
Picture 28
Picture 29
Picture 30


Congratulations to all of the Mercury Class pupils pictured below for 100%  attendance for the term! AMAZING :) 


Weekly Summary (23.03.15 - 27.03.15)


Another busy week this week as we celebrated RE week.  Mercury class would like say a big THANKYOU to Mrs Hills for organising some lovely activities for us this week.


Once again we achieved the school attendance target! WELL DONE! That is another sticker by our names in the quest to win a free school trip in the last term of the year! I think they look rather happy about it!!!

(COMPETITION TIME:  Who can spot Mrs Barnes?)

We are very happy too :)

CONGRATULATIONS to Darcy for being our High Flyer of the week.  Well done for working SO hard in all subjects!  The whole class are very proud of you :)


CONGRATULATIONS again to Dominik for completing your BRP programme.

Weekly Summary (16.03.15 - 20.03.15)

It was another action packed week this week, although not quite as crazy as science week!  


Our attendance is on the UP! This is fantastic news because every time we get over 97% attendance - we gain a sticker (and a lovely certificate that we can show off in our classroom) The class with the most stickers gets a FREE SCHOOL TRIP in the last term of this academic year!  This week we managed 97.3%  WELL DONE MERCURY :) 


BIG well done to Millie for being this weeks Maths Hotshots Champion, winning a new pencil and certificate!



High Flyers of the week goes to........


Congratulations (Mrs Barnes was especially pleased!!!)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Laney has her birthday this week...again, Mrs Barnes was especially happy about this!

A special note...


James  has been an absolute maths whizz this week.  Having only progressed onto the partition method of subtraction on Tuesday, he is now mastering the compact method!  Not only this... James was solving 3 digit subtraction calculations! We are all so proud of him..and for all his hard work he received 10 house points - WELL DONE. 



The Turner

After watching the clouds (Lunar Eclipse!) we embarked on the Turner Art Gallery for some portrait inspiration.  We will be painting our own self portraits with the theme 'Imagination'.  We were fortunate to see some wonderful art work, however the cymbal display really caught the children's attention; and they all had a little play on them!  We also saw the Van Dyke self portrait... worth a staggering £10 MILLION!  (as Leon pointed out - you could buy 10 Bugatti Veyron's for that!)

Maths Super Stars

Today in Maths we continued with our subtraction work, but to warm our 'math minds' up we practised our 4X tables.  After going through the tables a few times we tested our memories by playing Multiplication BINGO! We had 7 winners all claiming Bingo at the same time! see those lucky winners below after receiving their house points.


We were also very proud of two class members in particular today.  Leon, who had only ever used the 'partition' method of subtracting began to use the 'compact' method (as did Hiwad and Dominik today).  However Leon even had a go at demonstrating how to answer a subtraction calculation using the compact method on the class SMARTboard! James is flying using the partition method - and demonstrated to the class exactly how it should be executed!  Well done boys :)


Picture 1 BINGO! Faye,Spencer,Lauren,Daisy-May, Millie,Rosie
Picture 2 Great job James and Leon!

A huge well done to all of the children in Mercury class for a truly fantastic Science Week!  It is back to a normal timetable now, however there is still some unfinished business from last week

(see below!)

Don't eat all the sweets at once!

Don't eat all the sweets at once! 1 Congratulations team JEDI !

SCIENCE WEEK - The Battle for Mercury

Still image for this video
it could be said that Mrs Barnes and Mr Gillies are somewhat Star Wars fanatics, so for Science Week we decided that our focus should be on 'Forces' or, in particular... The Force! This is a little teaser that Mr Gillies put together!
Enjoy the Mercury class webpage, and keep checking back for updates!

Mr Gillies & Mrs Barnes

Thursday 12.03.15



We came into class with a little surprise this morning.  Mr Gillies had rigged up some 'Hyper Drive Channel's' over the top of the classroom.  Remembering about the air resistance lessons from yesterday, and what we learnt about aerodynamics we went about our designs for our 'FORCE HYPER DRIVE ROCKETS.'


The only rule was that we had to use a balloon.  We could then use any of the materials found in class to adapt our rockets.  Working in pairs of either Jedi/Jedi or Sith/Sith we went about designing our rockets, and the predicting the outcome.


Once crafted we had races, pitching the two Forces against each other.  Which ever side won the most races won a team point!  With the stakes so high, the students went all out!


See below for pictures and videos:

Point to team SITH!

Still image for this video

Fantastic race! Clark's reaction to winning is fantastic!

Still image for this video

Wednesday 11.03.15

Straw Rockets


We made Jedi and Sith Straw Rockets ( depending on which side of The Force we represented ).  We all made very similar rockets and competed one against one.  Whoever won got a notch for their side of The Force...The team that ended up with the most points won a point for either JEDI or SITH.  




Have a look below!



The whole class have a practise! (SLOW-MO)

Still image for this video

Para - Para - Parachutes (11.03.15)


Today we learnt about air resistance and a little more about gravity!   We looked in particular at the aerodynamics of cars and the reason for the design of their shape - and how air resistance tries to slow them down.  We than applied this knowledge to analyse how a parachute works...and then designed and made our own parachutes as a delivery system for an egg (Eeeek!) 

We had to have the egg in a flimsy plastic cup, all of the rest was up to us.

UNBELIEVABLY...ALL of the eggs survived the first drop!  After this Mr Gillies thought it would be more 'interesting' if we took all of the padding we designed out of the cups, so we only had the parachute to rely on.



See the pictures and videos below:

Picture 1 Weeeeeeee
Picture 2 Fingers crossed!

Para-para- Parachute drop! (SLOW-MO)

Still image for this video

Will the egg crack?

Still image for this video

Tuesday 10.03.15

GIANT Jenga and Gravity


Today we learnt about the effects of gravity when we played a game of GIANT Jenga in the courtyard. Mercury class joined the other year 3 class 'Supernovas'.  We still split into our SITH and JEDI teams to add a little spice to the atmosphere! 

have a look at the pictures and videos below:

Picture 1 Mr Gillies helping Laney
Picture 2 Mr Ursell giving Mason a little advice
Picture 3 Mr Gillies offering Kris some advice
Picture 4 Joel playing mini Jenga

James moving the fatal block!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

GRAVITY (10.03.15)

We than had a lesson about gravity, and spoke about how it had an effect on the previous game of GIANT Jenga.  We also learnt that there is no gravity in space, and how gravity effects us all of the time; and other bigger things like the Moon and even the Earth! Gravity is a non-contact force, we looked at a magnet attracting a paperclip tied to a piece of string which showed us a great example of a non-contact force.  We then weight the effects of gravity on some class room objects using Newton Meters.

See the pictures below:


Picture 1 This is a tricky one to weigh!
Picture 2 Mrs Gillman helping James and Connor
Picture 3 Lily and Isabelle weighing some scissors
Picture 4 Leon, William and Clark weighing a swimming bag
Picture 5 Kent and Hiwad
Picture 6 Mr Gillies using 'The FORCE!'

Monday 09.03.15



The theme for our science week is FORCES - hence our title: May the Force be with you!

Today we made our own helicopters so that we could see the effects of gravity, and how it can effect different helicopters differently.  We first tested them using the height of the new playground equipment and timed each helicopters flight from the drop to the landing; the wind was relatively strong so we decided to also use the stage in the school hall for testing! 

Have a look at the pictures and videos below:






Picture 1 quick change! Next up...Hiwad
Picture 2 There it goes!

Laney and her helicopter

Still image for this video

Clark and his Helicopter!

Still image for this video

Slow-Mo helicopters falling! WARNING: mild flashing light

Still image for this video
Picture 1 The Battle for Mercury : Jedi Vs Sith

Dominik is the Subtraction Champion!


Mr Gillies created an interactive maths quiz today for the end of our maths lesson.  We all had an iPad each to access the quiz, and the questions were multiple choice.  You get points for correct answers and the quicker you answer the more points you get!


Congratulations to Dominik for scoring 8 out of 8 questions correctly! WOW!


A huge congratulations also to :

William, Oliver, Mason, Lauren and Hiwad :)


Picture 1

Another Japanese surprise!

(Featuring the Mercury class Ninja's!)


We have been incredibly lucky to have had Japanese students in Mercury class again today (03.03.15).  We have learnt about the 4 seasons and how they affect the way of life for people who live in Japan.  After hearing more about Japanese culture, the topic of conversation turned to Ninja's!


We had the chance to try on some Ninja clothing, and then talk about shuriken ( Japanese throwing stars ) ...

But enough with the talking - Let's have a go at throwing some!

One of the students held up a target and we took turns throwing a plastic shuriken at it! Connor actually threw his shuriken so hard that it ripped right through the target - what a throw!

(See the pictures below)


After break we played a traditional Japanese game called 'Karuta'.  We split into 5 teams around a large hoop, and had to use our letter recognition to answer the questions correctly.  The first person to grab the card with the correct letter won the card ; and the team with the most cards won.  Mr Gillies was the Quiz Master!  Rosie was especially rapid - we lost count how many cards she had actually won for her team!

The winning team were given multi-coloured origami Shuriken to keep as a prize!

(see pictures below)




Picture 1 The Japanese students
Picture 2 Who wants to be a Ninja?!
Picture 3 Kristofers and Rosie wearing the headbands
Picture 4 Oliver sporting the headband
Picture 5 Daisy- May preparing to throw the shuriken
Picture 6 Mid-throw!
Picture 7 Lining up for a throw
Picture 8 The Karuta champs: Clark,Dominik,Kent,Rosie,Blayke

Mercury Class treated to a Japanese surprise!


Today (02/03/15) Mercury class were treated to a surprise visit from some Japanese students.  After learning how to say 'good morning' and 'hello' in Japanese, we went on to learn about the ancient Samurai!  We looked in particular at what clothing and armour they would wear.  


Then the fun part...

We had to make a Samurai  Kabuto (Samurai helmet) using Origami - Japanese paper craft

We followed the instructions the Japanese students gave us and we made a miniature Kabuto.  Once we had made that, we used newspaper to create a Kabuto we could actually wear!


Have a look at some of our creations in the pictures below :)


"I loved making my Kabuto helmet, the Japanese helpers were really friendly." - Faye


"I thought Origami was really good, It was exciting when we made the hats!" - Leon


"I felt like I was a Samurai when I wore my Kabuto and held a sword!" - Kristofers


Picture 1 Mercury Samurai Warriors!
Picture 2 Making our mini Kabuto's
Picture 3 Making our mini Kabuto's
Picture 4 Making our mini Kabuto's
Picture 5 I dont think these ones fit!
Picture 6 Fantastic work by Connor
Picture 7 James & Clark - Super work
Picture 8 Mason showing off his outfit!
Picture 9 Kristofers ready for battle!