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Spellings this week...

Spellings this week... 1
As part of our learning about green plants we have been growing, or not, beans in different conditions. The three pictures show one bean planted with soil, water and light (#1) a bean planted in a paper towel (no soil) with water and light  (#4), and a bean planted with soil and water but in the dark (#2). We have been monitoring their progress and talking about the reasons for the differences between the way the plants have grown. We put three beans in each pot as we wanted to repeat the experiment three times.

Green Plants

Green Plants 1
Green Plants 2
Green Plants 3



I was a real pleasure to see so many of you last night, thank you to all of you for coming. A a result of a number of conversations last night, I will be setting up and running MyMaths for homework after the Easter break, as well as expecting spellings to be learnt and also asking the children to read for 30 minutes every day.

I will also do my very best to keep you up to date with all the day to day things that are going on as I am aware some of you do not always get to see letters that the office send out.

As always, please come and see me if there is anything, good or bad, that you would like to discuss.


Many thanks 


Mr Bray

This week's blog by Sophie, sorry it's late, I had a weekend!!

22/27 of you have  signed up for parent's evening so far, I'd love to see 100% attendance!

This week, Robin class have been doing story boards and really enjoyed it. In maths we have done lots of different things – using fractions to find whole numbers. On Tuesday, as usual we went swimming, we had so much fun. In science we did magnets, we even had a playtime with them. Then we did the experiment, to see which could hold the most paperclips.

Class Blog 10/3/17 by Lewis (named after a racing driver)

This week we went swimming, we had a great time, we are split into groups and swim at different times! In maths: we have been multiplying in lots of different ways. In RE we learnt about a blind person called Bartimaeus. In science we have been learning about magnets – they have 2 poles, north and south and they make a pulling force on metals. They can attract or repel other magnets.

In English we have been learning about a boy called Jemmy Button, who lived in the rainforest, was sold for the price of a button and went to live in London in about 1800. We also wrote descriptive poems.


Sorry about the late update- i was  unable to access the site from home, for no obvious reason.


This week blog :


This week, Robin Class went to Hartsdown Leisure Centre and we all brought are swimming suits. We had a brilliant time again.

In English we have been learning more about Jemmy Button and we wrote a newspaper story, we had to have a headline, where ,when, why, who and what.

In Maths we have been learning to do grid multiplication, ask us to show you how at home.




Just a reminder that parents evening is on 29th March, I would love to speak to you about your child, their progress and anything else you'd like to talk about. Please book an appointment, if you can't, please catch me after school, and I will arrange to see you at another time.


Mr Bray

Spellings for this week:










testing these on Tuesday 14th.