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Year 6 - Class 13 Hawk

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The Teacher in this class is Miss Wall supported by Mrs Wilmot.

Please keep an eye on our class page to see all the exciting work that is going on in year six this year.


Autumn Term 1


Our English Text is currently The Adventures of Odysseus

Our Science topic is Light

Our Topic is Ancient Greece

Our RE is Christianity



As a whole year 6 we went to St George's to reflect on people who are less fortunate than we are. There were many different activities to complete, such as: write your friends name on a wall, write someone you have lost on a piece of paper (animal or person) and remember the times when you were with them. Here are some of the photographs on the day...
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
We were asked to create a play script for part of our Odysseus book.  We then had to role play what had been produced.

Play Scripts

Play Scripts 1
Play Scripts 2
Play Scripts 3
Play Scripts 4
Play Scripts 5
Play Scripts 6

11.10.16 -12.10.16

In Miss Wall's maths class, we were set a problem solving activity involving adding, simplifying and finding equivalent fractions. We had lots of clue cards filled with lots of helpful information to solve different tasks set on the sheet.

Maths problem solving

Maths problem solving 1
Maths problem solving 2
Maths problem solving 3
Maths problem solving 4


We were asked  to find the  common denominators of fractions, we also needed  to add and subtract them to make the shape of a diamond. Everyone had to work in  pairs and use their teamwork skills to create the fraction diamond.

The fraction diamonds

The fraction diamonds 1
The fraction diamonds 2
The fraction diamonds 3
The fraction diamonds 4

In our English lesson, with Mrs Douglas, we had read the chapter 'Torment and Trial', this is about the whirlpool (Charybdis) and the fierce dragon (Scylla). We had lined up in a  conscience corridor  and discussed the dilemma Odysseus had.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6



The majority of students in years 6 travelled to Windmill Hill for a week of adventurous activities. 26 children enjoyed their non-class based lessons, conquering many fears and reaching personal achievements!

Picture 1



The 27 children that stayed behind with Mrs Barnes and Fungus the Bogeyman had a fun and wonderful time too. Mrs Barnes read about Bogeymen in Bogeydom, we had also watched a DVD which is full of many disgusting features, this includes the green shrek-like creatures.

All pupils in these lessons enjoyed their work as we had made sloppy slime, our very own comic strips, animation and trailers!



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Picture 2
Picture 3

Our book in English this term is The Princess' Blankets.  We have only read part of it so far, but have already learnt a lot about the characters and the plot of the story.  We have written letters, drawn blanket designs, compared the artist Gustav Klimt's 'The Kiss' painting to part of the story.  We have written newspaper reports about the Princess' Dilemma.


The story so far (in a summary) a Princess in a kingdom somewhere, is always cold.  The King and Queen have tried everything to warm her, the King even promising half of his Kingdom to anyone who can warm her.  A Stranger arrived claiming magical powers and made the Princess a blanket from the Ocean, Forest, Earth and Mountain.  However, the Princess does not like the Stranger and claims to still be cold...

We are excited to find out what happens next!

Image result for the princess' blanketsImage result for the princess' blankets


We completed the rest of the story.  The Princess was finally warmed through true love.  We really enjoyed this story, although writing love letters was a little embarrassing!!

As it is close to Christmas, Miss Wall said we needed to decorate our classroom a little.  She made us choose a partner and then set us a challenge to see who could make the longest paper chain from one A2 sheet of sugar paper.  We had glue, scissors, a pencil and a ruler. Here are a few pics to show what we did.

Paper Chains

Paper Chains 1
Paper Chains 2
Paper Chains 3
Paper Chains 4
Paper Chains 5
Paper Chains 6
I am so very pleased and proud of the effort that the children have made with their Biome projects.  Be creative I said... not just writing I said!!  The children have produced some amazing pieces (pictures below) to show off their knowledge and understanding of the topic.  Thank you to people at home for helping them with materials and ideas.

Biome Projects

Biome Projects 1
Biome Projects 2
Biome Projects 3
Biome Projects 4
Biome Projects 5
Biome Projects 6
Biome Projects 7
Biome Projects 8
Biome Projects 9
Biome Projects 10
Biome Projects 11
Biome Projects 12

All last week we took part in a week of DT and a week of Science.  In science we were learning about electricity.  We learnt how to create circuit diagrams using electrical symbols.  The difference between a series and a parallel circuit.  What materials are conductors and insulators.  We had to use lots of scientific enquiry, as well as vocabulary to create our investigations and conclude out findings.


Miss Wall also showed us video clips of how electricity is made in a Power Station and also how Tesla Coils can be used to recreate high voltages of electricity and how that can be used also as sound waves to create music.  Fascinating.

Science Electricity Week

Science Electricity Week 1
Science Electricity Week 2
Science Electricity Week 3
Science Electricity Week 4
Science Electricity Week 5
Science Electricity Week 6
Science Electricity Week 7
Science Electricity Week 8
Science Electricity Week 9
Science Electricity Week 10
Science Electricity Week 11
Science Electricity Week 12
Science Electricity Week 13

Term 3

We have started our new class book called Goodnight Mister Tom written by Michelle Magorian, this is a war based story about an evacuated boy living in host house and having new experiences. 

These are some of the lessons we have had to do: write in role as an evacuee and described our emotions, a group poem a freeze frame of evacuees and write chapter 5.

Our topic for this term is the period of time during WWI and WWII. Our main focus is on WWII but we have also been looking at WWI.




Picture 1
Picture 2

23.1.17 and 24.1.17

WWI and WWII days


On Monday and Tuesday, the whole of Year Six participated in WWI and WWII days. We all came in costumes from 1939 to 1945.

Ms Barnes and Miss Wall explained that we were going to be rotating around to different activities that were all war based. We did fillers when we were not allocated to another task. We had many activities, such as: cooking with Mrs Armstong (Ms Barnes' Mother), silhouettes, artefacts with Miss Wall, suitcase tasks, newspaper writing, postcard home, recipe instructions, ICT  ( Ipad  work), gas mask boxes, Anderson shelters and evacuee name tags.

The purpose of this all was to experience the wartime lifestyle  and to know more historical facts about the wars as it was not a long  time ago (around 70 years). The government introduced wartime rationing during WWII, every child was recommended to have full time ration. We needed to know about rationing and what people ate, like carrot cookies, they also had a sufficient supply of sugar.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22

The teachers enjoyed the action as much as we did!frown

On day 2, Ms Barnes had a pretend marriage with Captain America (who was not around in WWII). There was a method in her madness, she was wearing her Grandma's wedding dress which was made and worn in WWII, this was just one of many primary sources that we looked at during the days.


Goodnight Mister Tom

Today, we continued our book Goodnight Mister Tom, we read chapters 8 (School) and 9 (Birthday Boy). We had to be in role of William Beech who had just started learning to read and write, however we had to write in normal English. The informal letter had to explain to Mister Tom how Willie had had the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! It had been 6 days that he has been in Little Weirwold, but it felt like he was there forever. Willie's 9th birthday was celebrated with the village community, he had felt awkward walking into a room full of people singing Happy Birthday to him. Some of his gifts were: a green balaclava, navy blue shorts, sketchpad with paints and paintbrushes, also, he had got a pencil with William Beech carved in it. etc.


Science Day!

On the 6th of February we had Science Day! Year 6 and Year 3 got together to complete many activities and tasks that were set for us. Mr Gillies had set a challenge, in teams, to try and make a rocket that used the most aerodynamic to travel the furthest. This activity had a theme...Star Wars! Ms Barnes also had a challenge set for us, it was about the heart rate and how it goes up when you do something athletic.

Picture 1 Ms Barnes' heart rate test
Picture 2 Mr Bray's friction challenge
Picture 3 Miss Wall's rainbow tower experiment



Today Miss Wall read chapter 15 of the text 'Goodnight Mister Tom', this is a very emotional chapter as William Beech left Mister Tom and returned to his mother. However, Willie thought his mother would change during his stay with Mister Tom (around 6 months) there was a surprise which awaited him, this gift was from Jesus!!!


The task was to create an emotive art piece showing  our feelings throughout the chapter, this could be anything : faces shedding tears, storms with lightning bolts etc.

Here are some of our favourite pieces of work we have completed during our class book (GMT) we have recreated them to be much neater:
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
In English we have started our new text 'The Highwayman' this is narrative poetry, a story in poetic form, the text is based upon love and death. We created our own rhyming poem which was inspired by a picture and a piece of text in the book 'The Highwayman'.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
In art we have been sketching horse heads, we took our inspiration from the illustrations by Charles Keeping in the narrative poem 'The Highwayman'.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

We have also been sketching eyes, scenery and characters inspired by the illustrator Charles Keeping.

Picture 1