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Holy Trinity and St John's Church of England Primary School

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Welcome to BADGER class.

Term 6 Home learning; Badger class we are very proud of everything you have tried this term. Well done.

Home Learning WB 20.04.20

Home Learning from 26.03.20 - 31.03.20

A selection of Badger Class' home learning 23.03.20-25.03.20


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                                                              Dear everyone in Badger Class,


Thank you so much for being a wonderful bunch of people! I have had a great time with you all and it has been lovely to see you grow and learn.

We have laughed a lot, we have learnt a lot, we have listened to each other and we have had a special time.


I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and I know you will keep being wonderful and amazing.

I will now go and teach English to teenagers who live in other countries and come to England to learn English. But I am sure we will meet again and that I will see you all around.


All the best.


Mrs Suttle

We wrote letters to Father Christmas and guess what?

Today Monty delivered his letter to us, a reply to Badger Class from Father Christmas!!!

On Thursday we invited the parents to come and play at being a super hero with us. We pretended to be Spiderman and did all the right moves. We had lots of fun! 

We had a big surprise on Wednesday. We found some messages in the class that a naughty elf (calling himself "Professor Slime") had left. We think he didn't have time to hide them around as we came back to class unexpectedly. 

The children each read one of his messages and were horrified! Hopefully they will know not to follow that naughty elf's advice.

Have a look and tell us what you think of this naughty elf's ideas...

What a naughty elf!!!

We have been learning about super heroes, real ones and made-up ones.


Today we thought of a routine being a super hero and using our super powers to help our friends. We listened to some super hero music, like the one from Superman. We got into groups and made our own little routine. Then we all watched each other.

See if you can see us.

In Maths, we have been practicing our number bonds to 10 and then to 20. How do we make 10? What do we add to 7 to make 10? What do we add to 7 to make 20?


keep practicing, it will help when you have to count really quickly.


You can practice using a fun game on, number bonds


Have fun!

Supertato poses and scenes

That was us last July. What will we look like in July 2020?

We have been working hard in Badgers. We are going to be learning lots of very interesting things all through the year. Have a look at the plan for Year 1:

This term we are talking about super heroes, the ones in stories and the real life super heroes.

We have been reading  SUPERTATO!

Supertato saves the day by rescuing the fruits and vegetables in the supermarket from a naughty frozen pea. What a super star!

We have also been learning about shapes: 2D and 3D shapes. We have made patterns with shapes and sung songs about shapes. Why don't you sing along with us?


Have fun singing along.