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Holy Trinity and St John's Church of England Primary School

Hope | Believe | Achieve


Welcome to Nightingale Class 


Class Teacher - Miss Embleton 

Class based TA - Mrs Robotham 



We are proud to be in Nightingale Class and we strive for our best. We always live out our school values and proud to support our peers. 


This year our topics are:


Traders and Raiders, Road trip USA, I am warrior, Burps, Bottoms and Bile, Blue Abyss and Potions. 


These topics cover a range of different subjects - keep up to date with what we are doing on our School Facebook Page and Twitter Page. 





Home Learning Year 4 


See below for all of the wonderful Home Learning that was completed during the Lockdown period. 

A chef in the making - Tai
Another super Easter project by Lizzie 

Amazing Easter project by Maja 



Lots of different activities completed during Lockdown. They included Art, design, cooking, helping siblings, drawing and cleaning. 

Have a great Easter holiday. Thank you for all of your hard work over these last two weeks. It has been great to be able to see what your children have been up to and to still be a part of that learning journey.  

Take care, stay safe and enjoy your time off. 

Miss Embleton :) 

Home Learning since 23/03/2020


Here are some images of what the children have been up to whilst learning at home. See if you can gain some ideas from any of these pictures!



It is lovely to see Grace engaging in Home Learning all about what she enjoys. 
Some amazing cooking by Maja! Doesn't that cheesecake look yummy!
Rainbows to appreciate those who are looking after us in this tough time.

Term 3 - Burps, Bottoms and Bile


In Term 3 our topic was Burps, Bottoms and Bile. We looked at the human digestive system and the teeth. We had a visit from a local dentist and we used plaque disclosing tablets to see how well we were brushing our teeth. 


We made a model out of junk modelling items to create a human digestive system. We worked in teams and evaluated our models. 


We looked at the different types of teeth and worked out their functions. We realised that teeth play a massive part in digestion!


Maths in Term 3


In term 3 we secured our addition and subtraction skills. We learnt how to multiply using the written method and then we learnt the chunking method.  We started to look at fraction. We now understand how to add/subtract fractions and how to find fractions of quantities. 

English in term 3


In English we looked and read at parts of the Demon Dentist by David Walliams. This book was about a young boy called Alfie who hated going to the dentist. 

We wrote fact files about teeth, a fantasy narrative as if we were a piece of food travelling through the body and a persuasive piece about why we should be healthy. 

Term 4 - I am Warrior!


For the time we have been in school in Term 4 our topic was I am Warrior. This was all about The Romans. We created Roman coins and mosaics. 


Here are images of what we had completed in the term. 

Maths and English in Term 4


In what felt like a very short term we looked at decimals, mainy tenths and hundredths. This was tricky to start with but once we got our heads around it then we were able to complete the tasks set. In English we wrote a diary entry as if we were a Roman soldier at Hadrian's Wall. We spoke about the freezing conditions and the fact the toilets were not very private!



Maths coverage

Term Two


Our current topic is Road Trip USA, we are learning about the different states in America. Our topic this term is Science based and we will be learning lots about electricity. 


Can you name any of these components of a circuit? 


Homework and spellings


Homework will be set on a Friday - this will be times table based to prepare the children for the times tables check. Homework is due in on a Wednesday. 
Spellings are sent home on a Monday and tested on a Friday morning. 

Please ask if your child misplaces books/sheets and these can be replaced. 



It is really important to hear your child read. Children should be reading at least 3 times a week. Please record your child's reading in their reading record.  Ask your children questions about what they are reading to ensure they understand what they are reading.