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Holy Trinity and St John's Church of England Primary School

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Welcome to Sparrow Class, and to Year 3! We hope your child will have an exciting year with us and we look forward to seeing them thrive and grow.

Below, you will find our Yearly Overview which outlines our coverage for this year. If you have any questions about this, or anything else, please do not hesitate to come and see us.


Your child will bring home maths work on a Monday and spellings on a Friday. In addition to these, we ask that you read with your child regularly. 


In Term 2, the children will be learning about earthquakes, volcanoes, the Earth and rocks. We will be reading Pompeii by Karen Ball to support our learning.

English - Term 2

In English, the children will create their own glossaries to support their vocabulary and understanding of Pompeii. They will also be writing volcano poems, diary entries about Mount Vesuvius erupting and guides to how to survive earthquakes and volcanoes.

English - Poetry

Before writing their own poems, the children have been learning about similes, metaphors, personification, onomatopoeia and repetition. They will draft and edit their poems before writing them up and performing them to the rest of the class.

Maths - Term 2

The children will be focussing on multiplication and division this term. They will work practically to understand grouping and sharing. The children will also be continuing to practice quickly answering times table questions in preparation for the new times table check in year 4. 

Working practically can really help the children understand mathematical concepts and the children are growing in confidence at being able to talk about their maths work.
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Topic - Term 2

As part of our topic work 'Tremors', the children will learn how the Earth is made up, why volcanoes erupt and what causes earthquakes. They will make clay models of volcanoes as well as models which erupt. We will explore where in the world volcanoes are found as well as researching how to survive a natural disaster.

The children looked closely at rocks and named them as well as learning about rock formation and classification.
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The children made their own volcanoes out of clay, with lava bursting forth, they brightened up our classroom on a grey afternoon! 

Religious Education - Term 2

This term, the children will learn about Sikhism. We will explore what the children know about the faith and some of the key teachings and artefacts.

The children looked at pictures related to Sikhism and were encouraged to write down any questions they had and their general observations. This generated lots of great discussion!

Predators! - Term 1

The children are greatly enjoying our first topic - Predator! So far, they have learnt about the Venus Fly Trap and how this plant preys on flies and other insects. Next, they thought about how plants in general transport water around themselves. They are carrying out experiments to see what happens when celery is placed in food colouring to help their understanding of water transportation in plants.

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The children are also learning about the human body, and those of other animals. They have recognised that some animals have skeletons inside their bodies whilst other skeletons are outside of the body. Humans have endoskeletons and the children created diagrams of the human body, including muscles and bones. Didn't they work hard?!
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To finish their learning about animals, the children had a visit from Cat Protection. They learnt all about how to look after cats and their needs.
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Religious Education - What does it mean for Christians to follow God?

The children have been learning about Christians and what it means to follow God. They learnt about Noah and Abraham along with the origins of the Salvation Army. To bring their learning up to modern times, they had a visit from the Salvation Army to learn about how this wonderful charity helps people in our own community today. The children did us proud with their thoughtful questions and great manners!

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