“I know the plans I have for you says the Lord...plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29 v11

Holy Trinity and St John's Church of England Primary School

Hope | Believe | Achieve

Nurture group

Nurture Fest! Celebrating the end of the school year in style with unique performances from "The Lighthouses" and "The Dinosaur Festival Band"

Cheering on England in the European Cup

Floor painting with feet, rollers and straws

Making sparkly playdough for Nurture Fest

Looking out for dangers in the water as trainee lifeguards

Putting up the tent in woodland school

Nurture Construction Company!

Foraging for ingredients and making potions

Term 6 Outdoor painting

Our Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic

Making lighthouses

Gardening and Weeding Fun

Our street party! The end of rationing and V.E. Day Celebrations in nurture

We were trainee firefighters, there was a fire in the garden!

Summer Fun in the Nurture Group

Term 4 - Our Easter Egg hunt!

Term 2:

Our topic this term is feelings and emotions. We have been talking about how we feel and what those feelings mean, if we are happy, what has made us happy? If we are sad, how do we express that and how can we overcome sadness?


As a group we are using circle time to enable the children to express their feelings, each individual is given time to talk about how they feel.  


The children have also taken part in lots of fun activities, below are some photos, a sneak peek for you to enjoy and talk about with your children.



Preparing for Christmas - the children enjoyed hunting for decorations around the school and making gifts for the adults who help them

Placing the hedgehog hut on the bank - We were lucky enough to be donated a hedgehog house, the children enjoyed placing it and preparing it for hedgehogs to move in

Making playdough - not just any playdough, but festive glitter playdough!

Making snow... and playing with it. The children were amazed at the magic snow and it made us all feel very christmassy indeed

Anti-bullying odd sock day - celebrating our difference because everyone should be included

Messy play fun - mixing paint with our hands, talking about the sensations - is it hot or cold? Are the colours bright or dark? What does the paint smell like? Does it smell different on our hands and on the paper?

Remembrance day parade - making our own poppies and wreaths while learning about what life was like for children and wild animals in war time. We also marched in our very own parade.

Surprise birthday party round the bonfire celebrations! We celebrated Mrs Harding's birthday with cakes around the bonfire we built

Baking delicious cakes for surprise birthday parties!

Fireworks fun! We used glitter paint to make our own firework displays on paper

Ice cube painting in the garden! We started term two by freezing paint in ice cube trays and using them to create our own art. They were very cold!

Our project this term is "All About Me". In this term we tak about our names, our families, where we live and what we like to do. This helps us learn about ourselves and each other and feel more confident in our school.


The children have been busy finding their way around the nurture building and garden this term. They have also enjoyed autumnal crafts, spending time in nature in our school grounds and of course making friends with each other. Here are some photos of their first few weeks.


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