“I know the plans I have for you says the Lord...plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29 v11

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School Artwork

In Art this year we will be following a scheme called Kapow, on the following slides you will see the progression of skills from Year R to Year 6. Sometimes pupils will be learning about different subjects and may be covering art skills in other lessons like Power of Reading.

In Reception the pupils will be learning about mark making with different tools and materials including natural paintbrushes made from sticks, leaves and feathers.

In Year R the pupils did some amazing artwork using natural materials and paintbrushes.

In Year 1 the pupils will be exploring painting with a range of materials and painting to music.

In Year 2 the pupils will be covering Art in Term 2 when they will be looking at clay houses.

In Year 3 the pupils will be exploring Prehistoric Paintings. Exploring different materials including charcoal. Also to create an authentic copy of Cave Paintings there will be a limited palette of browns, oranges, yellows, blacks, creams and whites.

In Year 4 the pupils will be exploring weaving with natural materials including, grasses, leaves, feathers, wool and twine.

In Year 5 the pupils will be exploring images of the 'Space Race' and how to interpret those images.

In Year 6 the pupils will be exploring the use of language to create portraits.

Term 2 In this term we will be looking at some new skills. here are some examples of work across the school from Year Reception to Year 6

Term 3 - Power of Reading book - A Brave Bear In Woodland school we worked with Mrs Chantler and Mr T to create our fantastic bears. we worked with a partner. It was very wet and windy on this particular day so we painted in the 'Bear Cave' in EYFS.

Term 3 - Creating art based on our Power of Reading book - Blue Penguin

Here is the Progression of Art skills and Art work , so far this term.

Year 1 - DT Windmills

Year 1 - Windmill Chalk Pastel Sketches

Year 2 - Exploration of Mark Making

Year 2 - Dragon Sketches

Term 3 - Progression of Art Skills Display

Year 3 - Flower Collage

Year 3 - Exploring Texture

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Thank you to everyone who made World book Day so enjoyable for all, we couldn't have done it without your support and hardwork!

World Book day 2024

Here is the special feature in our school Newsletter!

Some wonderful art displays outside classrooms!

Term 5 Art Skills Coverage