“I know the plans I have for you says the Lord...plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29 v11

Holy Trinity and St John's Church of England Primary School

Hope | Believe | Achieve


Welcome to Osprey Class 

Class Teacher - Miss Embleton 

Class TA - Mrs Barker

Additional Adults - Ms Gray, Mr Williams and Mr Turner


General Information 



PE day is a TUESDAY for Year 5. Osprey are swimming in Term 2 - letters will be sent closer to the time. 

Water Bottles

Please provide your child with a water bottle that is named. This can be refilled through the day by class staff. 



You can provide a snack for your children for break time, please make sure this is not in your child's lunchbox, as they do not have accses to these until lunch time. 



Homework will be sent home on a Tuesday, and needs to be back on a Monday. Please encourage your children to complete all of the tasks as this will prepare them for Year 6. 



Please use the links below to access the online reading and quizzing platforms used in school.  Reading should be recorded in the pupils' reading records for a minimum of 4 times per week.




Maths Overview for the year

Meet the Teacher PPT

Term 2 


During Term 2 we will be learning all about multiplication, division and fractions. Our times tables will help us during this topic of learning.


Power Of Reading

Our book for this term is ' The Princess' Blankets' . We will be learning all about facts, opinions and hearsay. We will be writing our own newspaper reports.



Our Science topic this term is materials and their properties. We will be looking at evaporation, condensation and dissolving. 


History, Art and DT 

This term we will be looking at The Tudors. We will be investigating Henry 8th and his 6 wives. We will be drawing portraits based around Tudor Houses and Tudor Paintings. In DT, we will be making stuffed toys. 






History Tudors 

Coming up in Term 3


In Maths we will be learning all about decimals, fractions, perimeter and area. This will involve lots of practical activities involving shapes and measurement. 


Our book for Term 3 is ' Shackleton's Journey'. This is all about the journey that happened in 1914 when Shackleton set out on his journey across Antarctica. 


Science this term is all about Space. We will learn all about the solar system, the planets, Isaac Newton and Galileo. 


Our project this term is all about The Alps and Bridges. 


RE this term is all about Moses and the ten commandments. We will also learn about how they can have an impact on today's life.

Wonderdome - 4th January 2024


Here are some pictures of our space work from Term 3.

Our wonderful bridges

Coming up in Term 4



During Maths we will be learning more about multiplication and division and more about fractions. 

Power Of Reading 

We will be reading the Adventures of Odysseus, this will link with our topic of The Greeks! 


We will be carrying on with our Space learning, as we have enjoyed it so much. We have learnt lots about the solar system, and are looking forward to finding out more. 


Our topic for for RE this term will be all about Salvation. This is as Easter is the time we think about why Jesus died for us. 




World Book Day 

Coming up in Term 5 



During Maths this term we will be looking into perimeter and area. We will be doing practical lessons to support our Maths learning. 


Power Of Reading 

Our book for this term will be Caribbean Tales, these are short stories based around traditional Caribbean customs. We will complete a variety of different writing activities. 


Project - Art, DT and Geography 

This term's Geography is all about energy and why energy is important to us. Our Art topic is all about creative installation and our DT topic is called Doodlers. 









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