“I know the plans I have for you says the Lord...plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29 v11

Holy Trinity and St John's Church of England Primary School

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 Welcome to Robin Class

Class Teacher - Miss Taylor               Support staff - Miss Perry


                                                          Important Reminders


PE for Year 3 is on a Thursday. Please send your child into school in their PE kit on this day. It is important to have a water bottle and for your child to bring their school jumper on this day. 


Water bottles need to be in school everyday, these can be refilled by class staff, please make sure these are named. 


Homework is sent home on a Friday and needs to be returned by Wednesday. Your child will receive 2HP each week for completed homework. 


Please read with your child at least 3 times per week, it is important to speak to your child about their understanding of the book. 


Spellings will be sent home on a Friday ready for a spelling test the following Friday, please help your child practice these at home.



Topics this year


The topics we will be covering this year are;


  • Dreamland ( First two weeks of term 1),
  • Violent Earth ( terms 1 and 2),
  • Beautiful Botanicals (terms 3 and 4),
  •  Ancient Egyptians (terms 5 and 6).


Our Power of reading books for Terms 1 and 2 are;


  • Belonging,
  • Into The Forest,
  • The Green Ship.


Our Power of reading books for Terms 3 and 4 are;


  • The Tin Forest,
  • The Promise.


Our Power of reading books for Terms 5 and 6 are;


  • The King Who Banned The Dark,
  • Mouse, Bird, Snake and Wolf.


Our Learning Term 4



This term we will be learning about fractions. We started off this unit by creating fractions wall. We worked in pairs and use strips of card to represent each fraction. We pinned our finished pieces to the learning walls so that we can refer to throughout the term. We have been learning about unit and non-unit fractions and have been using lots of pictorial representations to help us with our learning. We have enjoyed problem solving in pairs and discussing our ideas as a class- We have even had a go at tackling some tricky, challenging questions!




This term, we are reading 'The Promise'. We have spent some time looking at the illustrations in the book and the author's use of colour. We have compared this with some of the previous books that we have read and noted the similarities and differences. We have written predictions about what we think is going to happen and begun to use adjectives to describe the characters. We have discussed the author's vocabulary choices and used dictionarys to help us understand the meaning of new words. 


As we continue through the book, we are going to build up our writing and vocabulary skills so that we can write a diary entry as one of the characters. We are becoming more confident when writing in paragraphs and using a thesaurus to help us level up our words. 




This term, we have completed a week long DT project. We were learning all about pizza. We started off by using Ipads to research where pizza comes from, how it is made and the nation's favourite topping. We then used our maths skills to work out how much it iwas going to cost us to buy all the ingredients we needed. Once we had our ingredients, we worked out how much of each ingredient we would require and made a chart to calculate the total weight of the ingredients. Next, we created posters to promote hygiene and safety in the kitchen. We understood that we must wash our hands before we start cooking and make sure that all our surfaces are clean. Then came the fun part- Making the pizzas! We chose our favourite toppings and got to work spreading the sauce all over the base. Once our pizzas were cooked, we left them to cool and wrote an evaluation about what we had learnt. We all had lots of fun!




We have been learning about Salvation. We discussed what happened before and after Jesus died and the and importance of Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We will be learning about what happens in the Christian Church during Easter and how Christians show their beliefs.


School Trip


Later this term, we are heading off to Kew Gardens as part of our Topic 'Beautiful Botanicals'. Look our for photos and updates on the school face book page. 






Term 5



P.O.R- This term we are reading ' The King Who Banned The Dark' by Emily Haworth-Booth. We are going to be focussing on writing a newspaper report and will be learning the differences between direct and reported speech and when it is used. We are going to continue to develop our vocabulary, making sure that we know how to use a range of adjectives, similes, metaphors and verbs. 


Maths- This term we are starting off by completing our unit on mass and capacity. We are learning how to measure volume and have used different methods to help us problem solve. We are then going to be moving on to learning about money and time. 


Topic- Our topic this term is 'Ancient Egypt' and we have already started off by finding out where Ancient Egypt fits on a historical timeline. We are going to be learning about Tutankhamun and the discovery of his tomb, everyday life in Ancient Eqgypt and Gods and Goddesses. We are also going to be taking part in several practical activities including building our own pyramids at the beach, writing in hieroglyphics and jewellery making. We are also going to be taking part in a live workshop with 'The British Museum' and the children will have the opportunity to come to school dressed as an Egtyptian- What an exciting term ahead!


R.E- In R.E we are learning about Pentecost. We have already started by listening to what happened after Jesus was resurrected. We have looked at various pictures and then ordered them to create the story. 



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