“I know the plans I have for you says the Lord...plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29 v11

Holy Trinity and St John's Church of England Primary School

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Here at Holy Trinity & St John's, we strive for our children to develop a love of books and reading.  We want our pupils to go on exciting adventures, explore imaginary lands and worlds, build empathy with characters of all diversities, explore different authors and writing styles; but ultimately, we want them to enjoy their reading and not see it as a chore that they have to do as part of their schooling.

This is why as a school, we promote Reading for Pleasure as one of our main priorities. 


Every day, pupils are encouraged to read in all areas of the curriculum, from maths problems, to non-fiction texts in project work, novels and stories in English lessons, signs and information around school and in the outside world.  We want our pupils to develop a whole-school culture of reading.  From spare moments in the day, where they can escape the demands of the classroom for a few moments and enter a whole different world, land or even universe.  To go on a journey as a different character, experiencing empathy, thoughts, dilemmas and resolutions.  Reading about significant people in history, events of the past, countries of the world, the books of the Bible...the list goes on.


If you have any questions or queries regarding reading, Accelerated Reader or using myON; please contact Miss Wall using the following email:


World Book Day Audio Competition (entries are now closed)

Listen to the audio clips - there are eleven in total. Can you identify the book titles by listening to the clips? Are you also able to identify which teacher or member of SLT is reading each book?
The competition has now closed, however you can still listen along for fun or for some ideas of some books to read!


2023-2024 Termly winners will be posted here!

In school we use Accelerated Reader and online reading platform myON.  Children are encouraged to take quizzes after they have read physical or online books; this enables staff in school to discuss the books they have been reading both in and out of school.  This is also a great way for parents, pupils and staff to ensure pupils are reading a range of genres and authors, whilst keeping a check their reading habits.


Pupils from years 2-6 all have unique login details for both Accelerated Reader and myON websites, these are unique to them, as is the URL for Accelerated reader unique to our school. 

If you have any problems with logging in or reading in general; speak to your child's class teacher, Miss Wall or email:

Understanding Accelerated Reader and myON - Parent Guide

Books for Topics, have a great range of reading ideas to support pupils and parents for reading at home.  Take a look below at some of their resources we recommend, or use the link to find hundreds of other titles and reading material.

Reading Skills Progression