“I know the plans I have for you says the Lord...plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29 v11

Holy Trinity and St John's Church of England Primary School

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Nurture Group

Term 2 Week 3:


This week in nurture we have been playing guess who with our baby photos. The children have really enjoyed seeing how they looked when they were babies. We have carried on with our knuffle bunny story and have now finished the second book, Knuffle Bunny Too, with one more third and final book to read. We have also been learning about bullying, what it is and how to be a good friend, we have coloured some Pudsey pictures using finger paint and have even designed our own Pudsey Bear pictures. Lastly, our afternoon group members who are a part of the young tree champions club made some bird feeding balls using seeds and lard - super messy but very fun!

Term 2 Week 2: 

This week in nurture the children have been thinking about Rememberance Day and what it means to us. The children coloured in poppies to wear on Rememberance day and have made purple suncatcher poppies to help them think about the how the world wars have affected all the animals. We also tested what we should so in the event of an air raid siren. What do we do? all hide under the table when it sounds until the alarm stops.


We have several different plants growing in the nurture garden which the children have been tending to and watering and on Thursday some of our older children had an adventure up to year 6 where they tested out boats they had made from tin foil so they can see how much weight they can hold before they sink. 

Term 2 Week 1:


Welcome to term 2! This week we have been learning about Guy Fawkes and making some amazingly sparkly fireworks displays on paper using paint and glitter. As part of our book for this term, "Knuffle Bunny", the children have bought in their own special teddies. We have really enjoyed meeting them, they even joined in with us for toast. Our afternoon group enjoyed a special treat this week, a trip to Mockett's Wood to learn a bout trees and fungus as part of our young tree champions club. To end the week, as it is fireworks night, we built bonfires from sticks and bricks and all ate warm sausages together.

Term 1 week 7:


This week the nurture group have been learning all about hedgehogs, we had lots of fun making our own hedgehogs from pine cones and plasticine. We also read about Hattie the hedgehog who learned to share with her friends. We had a messy play day where the children explored lots of different messy textures to find the dinosaurs hidden inside, these included mud, crerals, straw and we even made our own snow and the dinosaurs loved hiding in there too. Our nurture group were very impressive using their fine motor skills to pull the dinosaurs out using pegs. Our young tree champions have also been very busy planting conkers, holm oak acorns, seeds and re-potting onions that we found to have some very impressive root systems.


Have a lovely half term!

Term 1 week 6:


This week we have been learning about foxes, how they live in the wild and are part of the dog family. We have read the story of the gingerbread man and performed a stick puppet show of the story, we also made our own gingerbread men which were delicious and made some lovely sensory bottles filled with autumn treasure and a sparkle of glitter.

Term 1 week 5


This week in nurture was dog week! We celebrated with our special visitor Monty. The children were so excited to have Monty come and visit. The fed him dog biscuits, read him a story, played catch with him with his ball and walked him round the playground carefully holding on to his lead. We have also learnt how to look after dogs, what they will and won't eat and Mr Garrett gave us a Monty factsheet. We loved learning all about his life and his brothers and sisters.

Term 1 week 4 - 


This week in nurture we have been learning all bout our rabbit, Lulu. We have learned what she likes to eat and how to take care of her, including brushing her fur and cleaning her cage. All the children have been taking it in turns to do special jobs to look after her.


Next week we will be learning about dogs!

We have asked the nurture children to please bring in or email us a picture of their pet. (email

What can you tell us about your pet? 

What does your pet like to eat?

How old is your pet?

Term 1 week 3 -


This week the nurture children have enjoyed a special leaf identification challenge in the school grounds, there certainly area lot of different trees in the school.


Our older children are joining in with year six to form the new tree champions club.


We have also been busy making bees to hang in the den, making yellow sparkly playdough, and discovering toys in the feely tubs.


The clement weather has also seen the return of the very popular hot tub in the garden. What a lovely way to unwind after a hard working morning phonics session!


Here are some things to discuss at home with your children, we'd love to hear what they have to say and they would love to tell you their ideas so please do ask them:

Do all leaves change colour in the autumn?

What are your five favourite things to eat in the autumn?

What can you do to make music with sticks? What would your family band be called?



Term 1 week 2- This week the nuture children have been enjoying our new book called "Wild" Hopefully they have told you all about the little green haired girl in the story who was taught to speak by crows. The children painted their own wild image and had loads of fun being wild in our mud kitchen along with lots of other fun activities

We are so happy to be able to welcome our children back to the nurture group after the summer break!


This term the children will begin by learning all about each other, finding their way around the nurture room including our newly designed den and of course enjoying some tasty toast together in the mornings.

A brand new school year! We are so pleased to welcome our children back to the nurture group and to meet some lovely new faces at the start of term 1.