“I know the plans I have for you says the Lord...plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29 v11

Holy Trinity and St John's Church of England Primary School

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PE & Sport

Our pupils receive one hour of curriculum PE per week throughout both EYFS and Key Stage 1 & 2. This is taught by Mr Williams, a qualified teacher and primary PE specialist.


We endeavour to provide all children with positive, inclusive and meaningful early experiences around physical activity that will help them to be physically confident and lead active, healthy lifestyles in and out of school.


Lessons are designed to encourage high levels of engagement and enjoyment for all children  with a focus on the use of modified games and themes of learning instead of traditional blocks of sport specific activities. 


Children take part in competitive sport in after school clubs and during regular participation in a range of fixtures, festivals and tournaments provided by the Thanet Primary Association for School Sport.  

All lessons are supported by the STEP principle approach to providing appropriate levels of challenge for the children. See below image for more detail on this approach

We use specially designed units of work called ‘learning themes’ that are linked to the PE National Curriculum. These are provided by our scheme of work partners ‘BEYOND THE PHYSICAL’.


Each Learning Theme is centred around three key words, which are the success criteria for the unit. For example: 'LOOK, RUN, AVOID'


Children will cover these learning themes with a focus on one key word for a minimum of two lessons and videos are shared with the children before each lesson to show what we are going to do.



KS1 - 'Strike, React, Rally' and 'Fair, Share, Dare'


LKS2 - 'React, Roll, Retrieve' and 'Hands, Feet, Equipment'


UKS2 - 'Block, Guard, Support' and Swimming




KS1 - 'Jump, Shape, Create' & 'Hands, Feet, Equipment'





LKS2 - 'Target, Control, Combine' & 'Strike, React, Rally'



UKS2 - 'Symmetry, Balance, Travel' & Swimming








KS1 - 'Agility, Balance, Coordination' & 'Duel, Win, Lose'


Badger class taken on a counter balance challenge


LKS2 - 'Inspire, Create, Perform' & 'Duel, Win, Lose'


Kingfisher class creating movements based on the words of an Autumn themed poem read by Mr Williams


UKS2 - 'Fair, Share, Dare' & Swimming (Osprey Class)




Year 6 children took part in a Dodgeball Festival at King Ethelbert's School. They were amazing!




Upper KS2 - 'Watch, Move, Connect'



Lower KS2/ KS1 - 'Look, Run, Avoid' & 'Throw, Prepare, Catch'


Cross Country @ Quex Park October 2023

KS2 Basketball Taster Event - October 2023

KS2 Football Festivals - September 2023