“I know the plans I have for you says the Lord...plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29 v11

Holy Trinity and St John's Church of England Primary School

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Welcome to Sparrow Class 

Class Teacher - Miss Embleton 

Class Teaching Assistants- Mrs Barker and Mrs Lehan 

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It is really important to continue to read with your children. Your child should be bringing home a reading book every day after school. You can also read books from home/the library. 

Remember to ask questions about what your child is reading as this is important. 


Here are the Year 3/4 spellings. Use different ways to practice these with your children. 

Term 5 - Gods and Mortals 

This term we will be looking at The Ancient Greeks. We will be reading the book ' Helping Hercules' 

and other Greek Mythology books. We will look into famous Greeks and the geography of Ancient Greece. 

Term 4 


During Term 4 we were all back together! We spent time learning all about Science and completed many different activities. We looked at The Twits and wrote some amazing character descriptions based around Mr and Mrs Twit. 

During Maths, we secured and applied our multiplication and division skills. We know have a better understanding of the written methods. 

Easter Art work 

Science Activities 


During the Science activities we created boats, kites and our own fitness routines. 



We had a look at a range of boats, we needed to work out which ones would float and hold the most weight. We used tin foil, card and paper. We found that all different shapes of boats held different amounts of weights! Some boats held over 100 marbles!


We created kites by using paper, foil and string. We had to decide what kite would be the easiest to fly. We tested out different lengths of string to see if this had an impact. 


We used the outside equipment and the playground to think about ways to keep fit/active. We created different activities for our peers to complete. We had a discussion about what a healthy lifestyle is. 



Term 3 - Home Learning and Key worker bubble 


During Term 3 we were back to Home Learning and in school learning. We focused on the book The Stone Age boy, we wrote diary entries and letters. We enjoyed learning all about The Stone Age - some of us learnt from home and others learnt from school. 


During Maths we looked at securing our understanding of addition and subtraction. We also had a week where we focused on money. We looked at change, some of us even made our own shops!



Term Two 


Please see a selection of photos from what we have been up to this term, if you look around our school you may even see some of our amazing art work.


Here is the class page for Sparrow Class. We try our hardest and strive to be the best we can be. In Sparrow Class we use our Growth Mindset when we find things tricky and we don't give up. 

If you are unsure or need any support with your child's learning at home please catch me on the playground or on the class email;

Welcome newsletter




It is really important that your child is reading at home in order to develop their love of reading. Due to the current situation we are not sending reading contact books home, every day the children are asked if they have been reading and a tally is being kept. Your child will read to an adult once a week. It is also very important that you are asking your child questions when reading as this ensures they understand what they are reading. 


Below is our Maths coverage for Year 3, we follow White Rose Maths. 


In Year 3 we send spellings home on a Monday and test in school on a Friday. These spellings will come home on a small slip of paper. The spellings are based around spelling patterns and the Year 3 and 4 spelling list. There are many different ways to help your children learn their spellings including pyramid spellings and look, say, cover, write and check. Below is the Year 3 and 4 spelling list.


Attached is the Year three project plan for the year. There is also some of the texts we will be reading in class.

Project lesson 29/09/2020


Today we have been looking at the human skeleton and how bones are important to us. We used art straws and black card to create a version of the human skeleton. We are going to label this with the scientific names of the bones. Can you remember what they are?